Comparison Between Hostinger and HostingRaja | Which is The Best Web Hosting for 2024?

I tried out both web hosting services, Hostinger and HostingRaja, to see which one is the best web hosting in India. HostingRaja is fast and has reasonable prices but it’s not as consistent as Hostinger. Hostinger, an international host, has similar pricing and speed, but it’s more reliable.

After testing both services for a few months and looking at factors like price, features, performance, security, and support, Hostinger came out on top. It’s more dependable, offers better features, and has better customer support. In my opinion, Hostinger is the better choice between the two.

I also found some concerning policies from HostingRaja, like their money-back guarantee not being as reliable as it seems. Overall, in the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison, Hostinger is the clear winner.

Comparison Between Hostinger and HostingRaja

Let’s delve into the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison and explore the differences between these two hosting services.

1. Plans and Pricing

Hostinger is just as cheap as HostingRaja, but it gives you more for your money.

Hostinger and HostingRaja both provide various web hosting services, from basic shared hosting to managed WordPress and VPS/cloud solutions. In terms of prices, they both focus on offering very affordable hosting. However, when you look closer, there are some key differences.

For example, let’s compare Hostinger’s basic Single shared hosting plan with HostingRaja’s Silver plan. Hostinger gives you 1 website, 30GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, and 1 email address. On the other hand, HostingRaja offers 3 websites, 100GB storage, 20GB bandwidth, and 50 email addresses.

Even though HostingRaja seems to offer more, the limited bandwidth could be a drawback. With only 20GB, it might be enough for a small website with up to 100 visitors a day, but it might struggle with multiple websites or more traffic.

Hostinger provides less storage, but 30GB is usually sufficient for a single website. The advantage of Hostinger is the 100GB bandwidth, allowing your website to grow before needing a more expensive plan.

If you need more resources, Hostinger’s Premium shared hosting plan offers unlimited websites, 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email for a similar price. However, HostingRaja’s Gold plan has 6 times more storage but limits you to 5 websites, 100GB bandwidth, and 250 email addresses.

Hostinger also has a standard 30-day money-back guarantee, making it easier to commit to a long-term plan. HostingRaja claims to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it’s not a sure thing. You can only get a refund in the first month if you can prove you faced “technical difficulties.”

2. Features

Hostinger is easy to use.

HostingRaja provides the cPanel control panel and Softaculous content management system (CMS) installer with all plans. While cPanel can be powerful once you get used to it, it’s not the easiest for beginners, and it has many options that you might not use.

On the other hand, Hostinger’s hPanel is less cluttered and more organized. It’s user-friendly for beginners and time-saving for experts.

HostingRaja offers two free website builders with the Gold shared hosting plan and above. SitePad’s drag-and-drop interface is especially easy, with a good selection of themes.

Hostinger has its website builder called Zyro, but it’s not included in shared hosting plans. However, you can use free WordPress website builders like Elementor or BoldGrid for a similar drag-and-drop interface.

Hostinger makes WordPress installation easy with a one-click installer, automated updates and preinstalled free Jetpack.

HostingRaja claims you don’t need to worry about installing plugins or making changes to the website. But based on my customer support tests, you might need to worry about these things. Besides the one-click WordPress installation, you won’t get much else in terms of managed services.

3. Performance

Hostinger is better and more dependable than HostingRaja, even when it comes to services in India.

In the comparison between Hostinger and HostingRaja, I can say that HostingRaja is thought to have an advantage because its servers are in India.

This could make it perform better in this region, especially since both HostingRaja and Hostinger use SSD storage and the LiteSpeed web server. However, my tests gave me mixed results.

I signed up for the basic plan with both hosts and tested them using GTmetrix, Sucuri, and UptimeRobot. GTmetrix showed that my site hosted by HostingRaja had an average loading speed of 1.4 seconds, which is good.

HostingRaja review
Hosting Raja keeps its word – it’s the fastest hosting service in India that I’ve tried.

But the speed wasn’t consistent. When I tried the Sucuri test, HostingRaja gave me very different results each time. The fastest was 0.75 seconds to load my website, but the slowest was a huge 6.7 seconds in Bangalore, India.

in Hostinger vs HostingRaja, speed test of HostingRaja
If I plan to use HostingRaja for my business, I’d prefer more reliable outcomes.

Meanwhile, Hostinger’s average on GTmetrix was 1.56 seconds, just a bit slower than HostingRaja but still good.

Hostinger review
Hostinger is the quickest global hosting service I’ve tried.

It’s important to note that I was using a US data center at the time, and Hostinger allows you to choose from seven locations, including the US, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Indonesia, and Singapore. If your audience is mainly in India, you could choose a server in Indonesia or Singapore.

Hostinger surprisingly did really well on the Sucuri test, measuring global performance. Even though my data center was in the US, I got better loading speeds for Bangalore, India, compared to HostingRaja, a local Indian host.

in Hostinger vs HostingRaja, speed test of Hostinger
Even with one of Hostinger’s servers in the US, my website loaded fast everywhere.

Now, let’s talk about uptime. During my tests, Hostinger had an uptime of 99.997%, which is excellent and better than the standard 99.9% guarantee.

Hostinger better than HostingRaja for India
Hostinger is quick and reliable. I’m impressed.

HostingRaja, on the other hand, advertises 99.9% uptime on its website, but when I checked the Terms of Service, the guarantee is actually 99%, lower than the industry standard.

In my tests, HostingRaja had 99.4% uptime over 30 days, meaning my website was down for about an hour every week. That’s not great compared to most other hosts I’ve tested.

HostingRaja speed test
I don’t trust HostingRaja’s stability because of its unreliable uptime record.

Overall, if you care about speed and reliability, Hostinger is the better choice. It had more consistent performance and a better uptime record, which is crucial, especially for hosting a business website or an online store.

4. Security

Hostinger provides stronger security features even in their basic plans.

In the comparison between Hostinger and HostingRaja, let’s talk about the good stuff first. Both Hostinger and HostingRaja give you free SSL certificates with all their plans. This means your users’ info is safe and your site gets a padlock icon, making search engines like it more.

Now, when it comes to security, Hostinger is on top. Hostinger keeps your website secure with Cloudflare and BitNinja, protecting it from viruses, malware, DDoS attacks, cyber-attacks, and unauthorized access like brute force attacks. Security is handled at the server level, so you don’t need to worry or add extra plugins.

On the flip side, HostingRaja doesn’t give many details about its server security. They say it’s good, but their Silver and Gold plans don’t come with any security tools. Only the Unlimited plans get a tool for scanning and removing malware.

Here’s the catch: HostingRaja only does monthly backups. Hostinger, on the other hand, automatically backs up your site every week (or even daily with the Business plan).

All in all, I trust Hostinger more to keep my website safe, especially with their starting plans. In the comparison between Hostinger and HostingRaja, Hostinger takes the lead in security. (Fun part- I think this is the best Hostinger review by me)

5. Support

When it comes to the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison, both hosting services didn’t have great customer support, but HostingRaja’s support was really bad.

Both Hostinger and HostingRaja offer customer support 24/7 through live chat, and HostingRaja also provides help over the phone and through tickets. But, when I tested their customer support, I wasn’t too impressed with either.

With Hostinger, live chat wasn’t always available. Since there was no other way to get help except for the extensive knowledge base, I had to wait about 40 minutes for an agent to respond. That’s too long.

The good part is that when Hostinger did respond, I got the information I needed. The agents were knowledgeable and gave helpful suggestions to improve my website’s performance.

In Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison  Hostinger customer support review.
Hostinger’s customer support was a bit slow, but waiting was worth it.

The live chat HostingRaja was worse. Most of the time, I couldn’t reach an agent, and when I did, they couldn’t help me at all.

In Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison, HostingRaja customer support review.
Hosting Raja’s support is suggesting that I get in touch with support. Okay…

When I submitted a ticket, I got slightly better results. I did receive a response, but it was just a link to an article in the knowledge base.

If you like to do things yourself, both Hostinger and HostingRaja have good knowledge bases with lots of tutorials. However, I have to say that Hostinger’s help center is better organized overall.

Now, let’s move on to the next part of this Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison to find out the answer to this query: Is Hostinger better than HostingRaja for India or not? But first, we have to know the advantages and disadvantages of both web hosting services.

Hostinger Pros and Cons

To understand the differences between the two web hosting services, let’s take a closer look at Hostinger India by examining its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about Hostinger pros and cons:

Hostinger Pros

  • Hostinger India has short-term and budget-friendly prices, starting from just one month.
  • If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back within 30 days with Hostinger’s refund policy for all hosting plans.
  • Need help? Hostinger India has a fantastic customer support team ready to assist you.
  • Learn and fix issues on your own using Hostinger’s extensive knowledge base and tutorials.
  • Hostinger India delivers excellent speed and high uptime for great performance.
  • Hostinger has its user-friendly control panel called hPanel, similar to cPanel but designed to be easy to use.

Hostinger Cons

  • Customer support is only available in English, and there’s no assistance in Indian regional languages.
  • Hostinger India doesn’t provide Reseller hosting as a service at the moment.

Things we don’t like

  • The control panel can be slow
  • No phone support

HostingRaja Pros and Cons

To understand what you’ll get with HostingRaja, let’s check out the good and not-so-good aspects, known as HostingRaja pros and cons.

HostingRaja Pros

  • HostingRaja supports regional languages like English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam.
  • HostingRaja has really fast loading speeds in India.
  • When you buy HostingRaja’s basic plan, you get ten custom email accounts for free.
  • HostingRaja provides a huge 100 GB SSD storage with its base plan (Silver).

HostingRaja Cons

  • HostingRaja costs more than other options, and you have to commit for at least three years.
  • The customer service at HostingRaja is often considered unhelpful and unprofessional by many users.

Want a quick overview? Check out the table below where I’ve summarized my comparison of Hostinger vs HostingRaja.

Hostinger vs HostingRaja Comparison in 2024

Hostinger IndiaHostingRaja
Average rating:4.8★★★★3.9★★★
Starting hosting plans:139/mon239 /mon
Minimum purchase period:1 month for all plans3 years for all plans
Plans and Pricing:Hostinger Plans – Affordable prices, better valueHostingRaja Plans – A bit more affordable than Hostinger, but doesn’t offer as much value for your money.
30-day money back guarantee:YesYes
Free domain names with Premium plans:YesYes
Automatic Backups:Yes (weekly)Yes (monthly)
Free SSL certificate on the base plan:YesYes
Uptime guarantee:99.9%99.9%
Datacenter locations:United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, France and IndiaIndia
knowledge base:Tutorials, Technical articles, VideosTechnical articles
Hosting types:Shared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, and email hostingShared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated servers
Security:Protection against DDoS attacks, firewall, BitNinja defense, automated weekly backups, and free SSL are included.The Unlimited plans include malware scanning and removal, along with a complimentary SSL certificate.

When you look at Hostinger and HostingRaja together, you can see that Hostinger is a global web hosting company with more positive user reviews. Hostinger is also less expensive and doesn’t need a long-term commitment for the best deal.

Is HostingRaja cheaper than Hostinger?

Let’s talk about the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison in terms of pricing. Both hosts have similar competitive prices for the initial term and after renewal. However, to grab the best deals with HostingRaja, you need to commit to five years upfront, while Hostinger’s top offers are tied to four-year plans.

Even so, Hostinger’s shared hosting plans come out on top. This is not just because Hostinger offers better features, performance, and support, but also because it provides a clear 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the service, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, you can request a refund.

On the other hand, HostingRaja’s refund policy is more restrictive. You can only get a refund if you can show that you faced “technical difficulties.” Unfortunately, HostingRaja doesn’t specify what these difficulties entail, making their “guarantee” less meaningful in practice.

Is Hostinger better than HostingRaja for India?

In theory, HostingRaja was expected to perform better for Indian audiences, but my tests didn’t confirm this.

HostingRaja was fast, but the speeds varied a lot during my testing. On Sucuri, load times for India went from a great 0.75 seconds to a terrible 6.7 seconds. Uptime was disappointing too, with about one hour of downtime per week on average.

On the other hand, Hostinger had a much more reliable uptime record. Even though my data center was in the US, the loading speeds in India were better than with Hosting Raja. Also, Hostinger has better features, security, and customer support. There’s a data center in Singapore too, which you could use if your audience is in India.

Which hosting service will you choose?

Both of these hosting companies are really good. They also have many great deals and coupons to save you money.

But, I suggest choosing Hostinger India as your new web host. The plans they offer have fantastic features, making Hostinger India one of the best companies out there. Their prices are affordable, and their services are excellent overall.

Do we recommend HostingRaja?

No, we wouldn’t recommend it!

While their VPS and Dedicated plans seem good, there are better alternatives for their web hosting plans.

They excel in some non-essential things like offering more storage than necessary or providing common features like free emails and site transfers.

However, for essential hosting features, there are better choices available. Their global server response time is not great, server speed is mediocre, uptime could be better, and their customer support isn’t recommended. Although they no longer offer freebies, they have switched to a money-back guarantee.

Here’s our suggestion: If you’re on a tight budget, consider Hostinger. It’s cost-effective and provides excellent value for money compared to Hosting Raja.

Choose Hostinger for a quick and Reliable hosting service in India

While Hosting Raja has decent loading speeds in India, it’s not very reliable, especially with uptime. Hostinger, on the other hand, has similar prices and is much more dependable. From features to performance, security, and customer support, always Hostinger comes out on top.

Hostinger doesn’t have a data center in India, but it has servers in Singapore and Indonesia. Plus, Hostinger’s performance globally is excellent, so you can expect great speeds for your Indian audience no matter which data center you choose.

In terms of customer support, Hostinger might be a bit slow, but you can still expect help once the agents get in touch. Hostinger even made it to our list of the best web hosting services.

Well, as you can see in this Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison, our one and only winner is Hostinger.

That’s it! Now you have all the information about the comparison between Hostinger and HostingRaja. We’ve covered the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison, highlighting the Hostinger Pros and the HostingRaja Pros.

In the end, the Hostinger vs HostingRaja comparison highlights Hostinger as the preferable choice, offering fast and reliable hosting. Hostinger’s international presence, competitive pricing, and flexible subscription options make it a solid option for your hosting needs.

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