Compare Differences in Hyvor Talk vs Disqus – Best Commenting Plugin for WordPress in 2024

Are you looking to enhance the commenting experience on your WordPress website and can’t decide between various plugins which WordPress Commenting Plugins is best for you in 2024? Don’t be stressed buddy, I’m here to help you.

When it comes to selecting the best commenting plugin for your WordPress website, the options can be overwhelming. Two popular contenders in the market are Hyvor Talk and Disqus. These WordPress tools offer a range of features to enhance reader engagement and facilitate discussions on your blog.

As a WordPress website owner, you understand the value of engaging with your readers and building a successful community. This is one of the most effective ways to encourage discussion and interaction on your website is through an exceptional comment plugin.

In this blog post, we will compare the differences between Hyvor Talk vs Disqus, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements by choosing the best commenting plugin for WordPress.

So, let’s dive in and compare the differences, features, pricing, and user reviews of these two top commenting plugins and find out which is the best WordPress commenting plugin in 2024.

Plus, we will also talk about the alternatives of these two WordPress commenting plugins Hyvor Talk and Disqus.

Advantages Of Having Comments on Your Blog

  • They can increase the engagement factor of your blog, which will boost the SEO of your website and show up better on Google.
  • They can make your blog show up higher on Google’s search results by using more keywords.
  • Comments help you get to know your readers better by talking to them.
  • Also, commenters might ask questions. This helps you see what content you have missed and write about it.

So, Do you aim to enhance the SEO of your blog website?

Do you want to engage more with your readers?

Do you want new ideas for content without working too hard?

I understand you’d say “Yes,” so you should motivate your readers to leave comments on your blog. However, you can not do that with the default comment section in WordPress.

WordPress default comment section

How do you feel?

It seems quite dull and simple, doesn’t it?

Hyvor Talk commenting plugin interference.


To get more people to leave comments on your blog, you should change the dull and basic design of a standard comment section to something more attractive, like this one.

To do this, all you need is WordPress commenting plugins. Today we are gonna talk about Hyvor Talk vs Disqus, which is the best commenting plugin for WordPress.

Hyvor Talk vs Disqus: A Comparative Analysis

To understand which commenting plugin is the best fit for your WordPress site, it is crucial to examine the features offered by both Hyvor Talk and Disqus.

First talk about Hyvor Talk, its features and How Hyvor Talk is better than other WordPress commenting plugins.

Hyvor Talk:

The Hyvor Talk comment plugin helps bloggers and website owners easily add attractive and engaging comment boxes to their websites. More than 2000+ blogs/websites use this Hyvor Talk WordPress comment plugin for comments.

Privacy is a key feature of this plugin, Hyvor Talk doesn’t track your visitors, unlike Disqus.

This affordable plugin allows you to easily change the design of your comment section, making it more attractive for visitors to comment. Plus, the features of Hyvor Talk also encourage people to come back to your site.

Before explaining why we think this is a good and affordable plugin for your website, let’s first explore the features of Hyvor Talk.

Features of Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk is a powerful commenting system that offers several features designed to improve user experience and encourage meaningful discussions. Some of its notable features include:

1) Real-Time Commenting:

Hyvor Talk allows users to comment in real time, ensuring an engaging conversation experience.

2) Fast Loading:

Do you want your website to be slower just for a better comment section?

No, right?

Even the Hyvor talk developers don’t want that, so they made a lazy load option in their commenting plugin. This means the comment section will only load when visitors scroll down to it.

It won’t slow down your website because it won’t load until needed.

Very considerate!

3) Easy Customizable:

Many bloggers and website owners want a commenting plugin for WordPress to make their comment section look attractive, so visitors will notice it and leave comments.

With Hyvor Talk, you can make your comment section look how you want. You can change the colors of the box, borders, text, and buttons.

Also, you can add borders and shadows to make the box pop out and stand out from the content.

If you want to customize the design more, you can add CSS code in the CSS section.

You can also add placeholder text and catchy lines to encourage visitors to leave comments.

Overall, you can make your plain comment section look amazing, so readers will notice it and leave comments on your blog.

4) Privacy Focused:

Hyvor Talk respects user privacy by offering a privacy-friendly comment policy, ensuring that the user’s personal information is secure.

5) Moderation Tools:

Hyvor Talk offers comprehensive moderation tools, empowering website owners to manage comments effectively and maintain a healthy discussion environment.

6) Social Sharing:

Users can easily share their comments on social media platforms, boosting engagement and expanding the reach of discussions with this WordPress comment plugin.

7) Voting:

Don’t you enjoy it when someone shows support by liking your comment? It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

With this Hyvor Talk WordPress Commenting Plugins, your visitors can upvote comments they like. This encourages people to share their opinions more. And if you want to add a dislike button, you can turn on the downvote option.

Features Hyvor Talk for Publishers (Bloggers/ Website owners)

Besides the things that customers like, Hyvor Talk also makes it easier for publishers by doing some tasks automatically. Let’s have a look at this-

1) Analytics and Reports Every Week:

Hyvor Talk offers more than just commenting features; it also provides analytics. The console dashboard shows all the comments, moderation reports, and page view data.

Additionally, it sends a monthly report to the admins’ email inboxes.

Isn’t that good?

2) Filter Spam:

The main problem and the most annoying thing about having a comment section is dealing with spam messages. This makes the comment section longer and also annoys your readers, causing them to leave the blog without commenting. So, you have to keep an eye on spam comments and remove them manually.

Isn’t this a boring and busy task, right?

Because of this, some website owners/bloggers disable comments or use third-party spam protection plugins to stop spam.

But with Hyvor Talk comment sections, you won’t have that issue. This plugin comes with built-in spam detection that filters out spam comments. When detecting spam comments, it looks at various factors like user reputations and links used in the comments. So, this plugin’s spam detection is accurate and completely reliable.

Moreover, you can set your own rules for comment moderation. This means you can add the words that you consider spammy, so the comment will be marked as spam by Hyvor Talk.

3) Multi-Domain Support:

With Hyvor Talk, you’re never restricted in choices. You can put the Hyvor Talk comment section on as many websites as you want. And the greatest part is you can control them all in one dashboard.

Even though both comment sections are in the same place, you can control them separately. You can give them different looks, set different rules for spam, and add different features.

You can stay well organized.

4) Multi-Language:

As mentioned earlier, Hyvor Talk offers many choices for your comments. It works with over 15 languages, allowing you to change the language of your comment section. If your language is not there, you can translate it. Moreover, translating any language gives you a special discount on their premium plan.

Isn’t that great?

I personally appreciate these features of Hyvor Talk.

Now, let’s talk about the Disqus Commenting Plugin and its features.


What’s Disqus? Many wonder when they first hear about it.

Disqus is a community platform used by lots of sites online. With Disqus, your website gets a good comment system with social network links, options for managing and controlling comments, and other community features. The key thing is, with Disqus, your blog or big media site connects to a large online community, linking millions of users to your site.

Disqus works on almost any kind of website or blog. You can add it with a simple code or you can install this commenting plugin on your WordPress from install new plugin sections. You can also adjust Disqus for your website using APIs and JavaScript hooks. If you’re looking for WordPress commenting plugins, Disqus is also a good option.

Features of Disqus

Disqus is a widely recognized and established commenting system that offers a range of features to improve user engagement. Some of the notable features of Disqus include:

1) Single Sign-On:

Disqus allows users to log in using their existing social media or Disqus accounts, reducing barriers to participation.

Compared to other WordPress commenting plugins, Disqus lets users use their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to access comments. It’s easy to set up and gives quick access to the comments section. This feature makes the Disqus plugin very popular.

2) Email Notifications:

Users can get emails when someone replies to their comments or starts a new discussion, making it easier to stay involved.

3) Security:

Disqus commenting plugin is good at finding spam, no need for extra tools.

Disqus comments always keep your website safe from spam or scams. The login-based comments can stop fake comments. The safe and easy discussion system also makes it safer than regular comments.

4) Rich Media:

People can easily put pictures, videos, and other interesting media in their comments, making discussions more interesting and colorful.

Nice. Isn’t it?

When posting a comment, you can add pictures (JPG, PNG, or GIF) by dragging the file into the comment box. If the website lets you post images easily, look for the picture icon in the lower-left corner of the writing box. This can save you some time, and those little time-savers can make a difference over the long run.

5) Good Design:

By offering useful features, it doesn’t change how the comment section looks and feels on your blog. It still looks good and makes visitors want to comment. Adding a new comment is easy – just type and click a button. It’s much simpler than other systems that ask for your email, website, and name every time you want to comment. Disqus commenting plugin is really simple compared to those.

6) Many additional features:

If you’re looking for extra features for your Disqus WordPress commenting plugin, you can try some additional add-ons. They give extra options to the plugin and make the commenting system in your WordPress blog/website even better.

7) See the main comment:

If you’re unsure which comment someone is responding to, hover over the reply icon nearby to see a quick preview of the main comment. This is helpful when reading a conversation with many replies

8) Keyboard shortcuts to moderation:

The Moderation Panel gives you many useful keyboard shortcuts for navigation, moderating, and other tasks. My preferred shortcut is switching between different queues using numbers (like 1 for “Pending”, 2 for “Approved,” etc.). If you ever need help, just type “?” to see the cheat sheet.

Disqus WordPress commenting plugin keyboard shortcuts

TIP: When leaving a comment on an article, press CMD/CTRL + Enter to send the comment.

9) Customizations and Settings:

You can save comments somewhere else to make your site faster. You can pick from three styles and two fonts and also can turn on or off automatic comment approval. You can mark comments for checking. You can decide to stop comments after a certain time. You can move comments in and out. You can add your own login button. You can connect to WordPress for site logins.

Reviews and User Feedback: Hyvor Talk vs Disqus

To understand how users feel about Hyvor Talk and Disqus, let’s read what people have said about them in their reviews and feedback to determine which is considered the best commenting plugin for WordPress by them.

Hyvor Talk Reviews

People who use Hyvor Talk like it because it’s easy to use, fits well with their website, and has good tools for managing comments. They also like that it’s focused on privacy, so their information stays safe. Being able to change how it looks and see comments right away are also things users like.

Now, we are going to read a few reviews of Hyvor Talk by some users. Some say

1) “Hyvor Talk is the Best Commenting Plugin for WordPress. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and it does everything it promises, looks good, and is priced fairly. Thanks!”

2) “I began using Hyvor Talk on my school blog last week. The experience is great, and their support is very nice. I find it better than my old system, Disqus, because Disqus displays ads on my website. However, Hyvor Talk doesn’t do that for small blogs. (I believe they show ads after I reach 50,000 page views in one month)

I really like the user interface.”

Disqus Reviews

Many people use Disqus and like it. They find it easy to set up and use with different platforms. But, some users are not happy about more ads showing up on the platform, saying they’re too much.

Now, we are going to read a few reviews of Disqus by some users. Some say

1) “People complain about this website, saying things like, ‘It’s bad because there are too many trolls,’ or ‘I don’t understand how to use it.’
It’s not the website’s fault if there are silly people out there, so don’t leave negative reviews just because you saw a random troll online.
Apart from that, it’s a nice site where you can chat with others about anime, manga, or whatever you like, and share your opinions about different ones.”

2) “Don’t sign up. They’ll keep sending you spam forever. They bother you every day, and even if you try to unsubscribe, it doesn’t work!

Ha ha. Disqus, you’ll be shut down by the attorney general, just wait.

A very dishonest way to make money that doesn’t care about you at all.”

Pricing Comparison: Hyvor Talk vs Disqus

The price is important when picking the best commenting plugin for WordPress. Let’s compare the pricing plans offered by Hyvor Talk and Disqus.

PlanHyvor TalkDisqus
Free Plan14 days trial Available (Ad-Supported)
Paid PlanStarting at $12/monthPlus starting at $12/month (Ad Free)
Pro starting at $115/month (Ad Free)
BusinessStarting at $40/monthCustom pricing (Ad Free)

Both WordPress commenting plugins offer free plans (Hyvor Talk has 14 days free trial) with limited features to help you get started. However, if you need advanced features and support, you may consider upgrading to their respective paid plans. The pricing may vary depending on the scale and requirements of your website. It is recommended to assess your needs and select a plan accordingly.

You can use Hyvor Talk commenting plugin on many websites even with its paid plan. With its features, safe software, and options for many websites, Hyvor Talk is a good deal for the price.

You can use Disqus for free on many sites like personal blogs, non-profits, and education. Disqus is a popular comments plugin that helps publishers handle communities better, and readers enjoy using it. It fits well with your site’s look or you can customize it as you want.

WordPress Commenting Plugins: Hyvor Talk vs Disqus as Alternatives

While both Hyvor Talk and Disqus are popular WordPress commenting plugins, it is also important to explore alternative options available with WordPress. These alternatives allow you to utilize the native comment section of WordPress and improve its capabilities through plugins. Some noteworthy alternatives include:

1) WordPress Native Comment Section:

WordPress offers a built-in comment section that allows you to engage with your readers without depending on external plugins. It provides basic commenting functionality and simplifies the moderation process.

2) Best Comment Plugin for WordPress:

Explore the diverse range of comment plugins available on WordPress, such as wpDiscuz, Thrive Comments, De:comments and more. These plugins offer unique features and customization options to suit your specific needs. Let’s talk about this WordPress Commenting Plugins:

– wpDiscuz: A real-time comment system for WordPress that uses AJAX, with a customized comment form and fields. It makes WordPress native comments faster and more responsive. It has many features and is a great alternative to Disqus, especially if you want to store your comments in your database.

– Thrive Comments: From the first look, Thrive Comments seems like other WordPress commenting plugins – it replaces the standard WordPress comments. But it’s more than that because it helps you connect with visitors, add pictures to comments, connect with social media, and has fun features.

– DE:comments: Compared to other WordPress commenting plugins DE:comments is a premium WordPress commenting plugin alternative that costs a fair amount and It looks better than Disqus. It works with the basic WordPress commenting system, saving all comments on your own database. It’s like a new look for comments with improved features compared to the usual WordPress setup, ensuring better performance and management of comments.

– Viafoura: Viafoura is a platform to help you connect with your audience better. It helps you find and understand your audience, and it has tools to manage comments and see how your content is doing.

– OpenWeb: OpenWeb teams up with publishers and brands to create solid connections with their audiences. OpenWeb’s tools help its partners make lively communities with good talks and strong social interactions.

Similar to Hyvor Talk Commenting Systems.

– Commento: Commento is a commenting system that values privacy and simplicity. It’s easy to install and allows anonymous comments. Unlike regular plugins, you need to add its code to your WordPress HTML to use it smoothly.

3) WordPress Plugin for Comment Moderation:

To make moderating comments easier, think about using tools like Comment Moderation Email & Flagging, Simple Comment Editing, or Comment Form Captcha.

By comparing the alternatives of Hyvor Talk and Disqus, the best commenting plugin for WordPress, you can decide which solution best fits your website’s needs and improves the user experience.

Still unsure about picking the perfect commenting plugin for your website?

No need to worry!

Here’s a quick overview of these two WordPress Commenting Plugins. We made a table comparing to Hyvor Talk vs Disqus WordPress commenting plugins so you can choose which one to use.

Hyvor TalkDisqus
Average rating4.8★★★★4★★★★
PrivacyHyvor Talk does not collect user data, unlike Disqus. They do not sell user data.Disqus collects a large amount of user data, like their IP addresses, email addresses, and browsing habits. They sell use data.
Website speedWordPress Commenting Plugin Hyvor Talk does not affect website speed. WordPress Commenting Plugin Disqus affects website loading speed.
LoginEasy Login.Easy Login.
Multiple websitesYes.No.
Spam filterYes.Yes.
Fully CustomizableYes.No.
Guest commentingYes. Yes, but visitors have to submit their name and email.
Free planNo. It has 14 days free trial.Yes.
User ExperienceGood.Disqus might make web pages load slower because of its scripts and ads.
SEO and Content OwnershipHyvor Talk WordPress Commenting Plugin SEO-friendly.Disqus comments are usually loaded with JavaScript, which might not be as good for SEO.

Best Commenting Plugin for WordPress in My Opinion

Without a doubt, it’s obvious, that Hyvor Talk is better than other WordPress commenting plugins.

Hyvor Talk makes it simple to switch without losing comments. If you’re moving from WordPress native comments or another plugin like Disqus to Hyvor Talk, you can easily bring in your old comments.

Similarly, if you want to go back to using Hyvor Talk, you can save all the comments from Hyvor Talk into a JSON file.

This flexible plugin works smoothly with any Content Management System (CMS) and offers many ways to customize your Hyvor portal. It stands out by focusing on making things easy for users and keeping their privacy. Unlike the free version of Disqus, you won’t see annoying ads or tracking codes with Hyvor Talk.

When compared to Disqus, which might slow down your website, Hyvor Talk runs quickly and doesn’t affect your site’s speed much.

In short,

Hyvor Talk is an affordable plugin with many useful features that care about the privacy of your visitors.

So, we can clearly say that Hyvor Talk is the best commenting plugin for WordPress in 2024.

Final Judgment On Hyvor Talk vs Disqus

Picking the right commenting tool is important for having good discussions and letting users interact on your WordPress site. Hyvor Talk and Disqus are two strong WordPress commenting plugins, each with its own features.

Hyvor Talk has instant comments and cares about privacy, while Disqus lets users sign in once and rich media embedding features. Look at The reviews, what users say, the price, and other options to find what’s best for your blog/website. So, think about what matters to you, what you need, and pick the best commenting plugin for WordPress that fits your idea of a lively online community.

So, what do you think?

Risk losing your website visitors and SEO with the dull and uninteresting default WordPress comment section?


Go for the Hyvor Talk, that WordPress comment plugin boosts your blog on Google and brings in more visitors.

If you’re still having trouble picking the best Commenting Plugin for WordPress and need help, just comment your problem below.

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